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Employee Onboarding - Tips for Clients

Employee onboarding is a critical aspect of talent management. The onboarding process is designed to help integrate a new employee into the organisation’s culture and develop their skills and training needs. Good onboarding can drive employee retention.

The four fundamental principles to ensure onboarding are:

1. Onboarding should highlight to new employees how their job aligns the organisations mission and vision.

2. Onboarding must connect to the culture, enabling new employees to understand the organisation they’ve joined. Onboarding goals should be built around the organisational priorities.

3. Integrate activities – all players must be accountable for meeting shared onboarding goals.

4. Apply to all employees, regardless of location and level, and tailor to specific types of employees.

Managers/Supervisors should also play a role in onboarding. Managers should;
- Welcome new employees and meet with them as early as possible
- Clearly communicate job responsibilities
- Explain and set cultural expectations
- Develop individual performance plans with performance expectations
- Assign meaningful work as soon as possible
- Discuss career development
- Monitor performance and provide frequent formal and informal feedback

As organisations face increasingly complex challenges, employees need to be fully productive. Strategic onboarding provides a framework to integrate new employees to maximise their productivity, engagement and retention.

Source: People Factor Group. 2011.