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New Candidate Testimonial

"I recently experienced a successful recruitment process into a senior executive position facilitated by Premium Consulting.

Throughout the process I was thoroughly briefed and prepared by Aaron Yule regarding his client’s needs and expectations. This support went a long way to my successful appointment in that I was able to adequately prepare and concentrate my efforts on the right research and examples to draw upon throughout in my career. In addition to Aaron’s specific interview preparation assistance, his administrative support was also exceptional: emailed interview schedule information, detailed interview summaries and position descriptions were all professionally prepared and promptly delivered.

Overall the candidate care provided by Premium Consulting was first class. Following interviews I was promptly contacted by Aaron to seek feedback on interviews, and soon after I was contacted again regarding his client’s feedback and the subsequent steps. What stood out for me was that at no stage was I left in the dark regarding the process. This support is exceptional for candidates in a very competitive market and I thank Aaron for his support and assistance in my successful appointment."

Ben D – General Manager