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5 tips for your first day at work

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Walking into a new workplace for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. But by keeping a few simple tips in mind the first day can be turned into a positive experience and an opportunity to create a great first impression.

Get prepared for the first day
Any background reading that can be done before you start will help you get a grasp of the job. Have they introduced any big changes lately? Do they talk a lot about their corporate culture? Doing some research will help you be prepared for any basic questions on your first day at work so jump online and on their social networks and read up about the company.

First impressions count
Wear clothes that are appropriate for the workplace and exhibit positive, confident body language. Make eye contact and remember to smile! Don’t forget your handshakes and think about what to say about your ‘personal brand’ if asked to talk about yourself.

Be confident
Remember that they liked you enough to give you the job. Exuding confidence on your first day will show your colleagues that you are a strong and capable person for the job, just don’t get self-absorbed.

Listen as well as talk
It is likely that you will have to learn and take in a lot of information on your first day so in order to remember everything listen carefully and avoid miscommunication. People like good listeners, and if you can earn a reputation as someone who pays attention and gets things right the first time, you will be able to fast-track your growth within the business.

Take notes
From loads of new names to where certain files are located, people are going to be dumping a whole lot of information on you from the word go. Carry a notebook with you and take copious notes, these will be invaluable to you later, and keep you from having to ask as many questions. If you’re working for a large company, ask if you can have a copy of their organisational chart, as this will help you remember the names and roles of your co-workers.

Remember, your first day should be enjoyable. It is an opportunity to get to know people and learn what the next few months and years of your working life will hold for you. Don’t be so stressed that you forget to have fun!