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Resume Tips!

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These are the resume details that could help you stand out amongst a sea of applicants. This list of tips unveils what a recruiter is thinking about resumes when you apply for a job.

1. The mass resume:
When looking at a resume a recruiter can tell whether their job posting is just one of many for a candidate. The resume can, and must, be tailored for every position. Often, the job title does not even match the recruiters posting. Or worse, the job title has been changed, but none of the material supports the job.

How to fix it:
If you want your resume to stand out against the many resumes that a recruiter sees, you should apply to positions that speak most strongly to your passions and experiences. This filtering activity will immediately stimulate your motivation in creating a custom resume and cover letter. Your passion shines through when you’re excited about the job. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that recruiters can’t tell your interest level from words on a screen. It shows within every effort you made to target your resume to the job, in every word choice, and how your portfolio matches the position. If you want to be special, apply to job positions that are special to you.

2. The absent cover letter:
Another indicator of mass-mailing is the lack of a cover letter. Your resume provides very little insight into your personality as a candidate. Writing a cover letter is a big marketing opportunity for yourself, but is completely lost if you don’t submit one.

How to fix it:
Take the time to write a cover letter, because a cover letter is the start of a conversation. Cover letters should be fitting for why exactly a job position stood out to you, which will reflect some of your motivations for applying, a little experience, and insight into your personality. This is a good time to highlight what you have to offer in this role, make recruiters stop in their tracks and pick up the phone immediately.

3. The ugly resume:
This is not talking about the content of the resume, but instead it’s about the aesthetics and the formatting. A quality resume uses the basics that are always in style: white space is used effectively, font size is easy to read, and layout is pleasant and showcases the experiences of the candidate. Avoid half pages, poor layout and large paragraphs of words!

How to fix it:
A recruiter should be able to quickly and easily scan a resume and read all of the important highlights. That means professional, clear, bullet pointed highlights. Not 8 point font of paragraphs describing what you did every day.

4. The list of busy work you did, rather than your impact on the company:
Most resumes are lists of activities that people performed. While that’s a start, recruiters are also looking for what the business’s result was because of the activities you performed. Why? Because recruiters are seeking people who can have a positive impact on our goals. Use statements of activity. Writing impact-based statements can be infinitely more difficult than jotting down what you did. However, that’s the difference between laying out how you will help companies achieve business goals vs. crossing items off the to-do list.

How to fix it:
Rather than “created and managed company Facebook posts”, say “increased Facebook following by 500% through daily postings and Facebook sponsored photo contest.”