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Which Factors are Most Important to Candidates?

Qualigence International surveyed nearly 1,000 professionals across all industries to find out what they value most in an employer when looking for a new role. In other words, business leaders will need to do more than offer a higher salary to make people attracted to their organization. There are several factors that attract candidates.

#1- Work Life Balance- This is important to know that they will not be spending every waking hour working. Candidates want time for family, hobbies and activities. It has been classified as the most important detail, even over salary!

#2- Culture- Candidates want to know what it’s like to work for an organization before starting. It is a valuable asset to have a client who devotes time and resources to an evolving and positive culture. Culture is extremely valuable, especially to new employees.
#3- Salary- This is one we hear every day. The salary attracts candidates, but falls 3rd in line from Culture and Work Life Balance. This data shows the evolution from what recruitment was in the past.

#4- Management- Does the organization have competent and experienced managers? This is critical to a new hire as they want to be challenged and have a member of the company that they can learn from and trust.

#5- Benefits- This does not only encompass health benefits. There are many unique job benefits to attract quality candidates. Health insurance, retirement benefits and paid time off are some of the typical benefits. Some of the creative benefits now being offered are: wellness perks, flexible vacation policies, floating holidays, and paid time off to volunteer.