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Services Summary

Premium Consulting provides professional and practical recruitment consulting advice derived from our highly experienced Recruitment / HR Consultants and Registered Psychologists.

Retained Recruitment
Here at Premium Consulting, we believe in delivering results through working with our clients, gaining long-term sustainable relationships and understanding their business and their unique culture. Retained recruitment yields a 110% focus and attention on your organisations assignment, which is founded on a mutual commitment and trust to work together for an effective outcome and is thus, the most effective method of recruitment. When a client contacts a number of agencies the chance of making an appropriate match is genuinely diminished due to lack of time and information that undermines the integrity of the recruitment process. When multiple agencies are briefed, it is often the case of providing CVs on the clients desk in the shortest time frame, and as a result, shortcuts can be taken and a quality process is negated. 

Recruitment Partial Services
Recruitment Partial Services provides organisations the flexibility to pick and choose services that best fit their situation. Here, clients are only invoiced for the services or modules that they require, and billing is based on activity not on the end result. It is similar to paying for the services of a solicitor or accountant, where you are represented with professional services. This can prove to be a beneficial process when the client chooses to be actively involved and prefers to conduct part of the process, such as reference checking or advertising. Partial Services also proves worthwhile and very cost effective for multiple recruiting assignments. Contact our consultants for more information.

Advertising Services
Whilst technology has provided the opportunity through databases to "warehouse" candidates, the power of a well constructed advertisement to attract good candidates should not be underestimated. An advertisement is an opportunity to showcase a position to attract both active and passive job hunters not currently looking for a new position. We can assist with writing and placing advertisements to attract quality candidates. We also advise on the current market and where your advertising dollar is best spent.

International Interstate Recruitment
Our team has the capacity to service your recruitment needs irrespective of location. While our offices are located in Brisbane, the Premium team has successfully recruited for many positions in New South Wales, ACT, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and regional Queensland in addition to New Zealand.

Career Management
Clearly all people are different and have different career expectations, interests and objectives. When considering future employment directions these differences need to be measured and recognised so that the most effective career decisions are chosen. Premium Consulting offers individual and group workshops in executive outplacement programs, career transition workshops, career counselling and career coaching.

Psychometric Assessment and Appraisal
The use of psychometric and psychological appraisal is conducted on behalf of individuals or corporate clients. These in-depth reports assist in broadening our understanding of a candidates likely behaviour and motivational aspects. Appraisals of this type are used to compliment our comprehensive interview processes.