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What is Genesys Psychometric Assessment?

A proven way to reduce the risks associated with staff selection and development is the use of quality psychological profiling and ability testing. In today’s competitive market for skills, many leading organisations now invest time and money in the thorough assessment of their workforce to assist in both the development and selection of their staff.

Premium Consulting offer advanced assessment tools, depending on the job, to help determine an individual’s aptitude, style and personality. The outcome of such assessments is interpreted scientifically to develop an accurate forecast of a candidate’s behaviour, leadership style and capacity to perform in a particular work environment.

Advantages of Psychological Appraisal

  • Reduce the effects of personal bias in selecting, promoting, training and developing people.
  • Help identify individual strengths, limitations and career development potential.
  • Allow an objective comparison between individuals on important job-related criteria.
  • Encourage an informed rather than intuitive consideration of the person-job match.
  • Assist managers to better understand how staff should be supervised to maximise individual productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Reduce absenteeism and turnover caused by the inappropriate placement of staff.
  • Minimise organisation costs associated with the screening of applicants and the development of staff, not to mention time saved in eliminating costly mistakes.

To have an existing or potential employee undertake a thorough psychometric assessment will cost a few hundred dollars. Compare this to the cost of employing or promoting the “wrong” person and the difference could be very significant.

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